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Other Cathar Castles

One hour driving from Quillan, these 6 other Cathar castles are unveiling their mysteries and their history.

le Chateau Cathare d'AguilarThe castle of Saissac 

The castle of Saissac is a remain of Catharism at the heart of the Montagne Noire. At the foot of the castle some terrace cultures are overlooking an exceptional landscape with the Pyrenees in the background. 
Two renovated rooms are displaying a museography on the monetary Treasure of Saissac - 2000 pieces of silver from the 13th century.

The castles of Lastours 

Four castles are located at the summit of the rocky spur that ovelooks the valleys of the Orbiel River and the Gresillou River. The four castles are the following: Tour Régine, Surdespine, Cabaret and Quertinheux. They belong to the Cathar history. Numerous heretics were protected by the lords of the area and lived a fortified village whose remains are being excavated by archeologists for 20 years. Exceptional, panoramic view from the belvedere. The legend says that one of the castles is built on a rock leading to a cave. It is called the "hole of the city" because, the 15th of August 1209, inhabitants of Carcassonne would hav fled the city following an underground passage to the castles of Lastours.

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Unique experience:

Do not miss the sound and light shows and the medieval dinners during the Summer!

Castle of Termes:

The castle of Termes was mentionned for the first time in 1110. Until the beginning of the 13th century, this castle was the bastion of one of the most important family in the South of France, following the movement initiated by the counts of Carcassonne. Eight-hundred years ago, Termes has been the largest siege of a fortress during the Albigensian Crusade. The ruins lay on one of the meanders of the Gorges du Sou. When approaching the castle from the North-West side, the castle seems intact.

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Castle of Villerouge Termenes

The castle is located at the heart of the medieval village. Villerouge-Termenes was first mentionned at the beginning of the 12th century. From 1110 to the French Revolution, the castle and the village belonged to the powerful archbishop of Narbonne.
The village is notorious for having held the stake of the last Cathar "perfectus", Guillhem Bélibaste, in 1321.

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le chateau d'Usson

Castle of Aguilar 

Strategic element of the defense in the Corbières area, the castle of Aguilar, not far from the wineyards of Fitou, was already fortified at the end of the 11th century.
This stronghold at the former boarder between the French and the Aragonese kingdoms is a polygonal building in the centre of an hexagonal outer wall with six towers. Located on a rocky spur, it is overlooking the valley of Tuchan.

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Unique experience:

Discover the castle's surroudings by foot and walk at the top of Mont Tauch in front of the castle!

Castle of Usson

This castle is located on a rocky spur and controlled the Aude River valley since it is at the crossroad between the Aude and the Arriège area, near Quérigut. Its goal was, just as the other citadels, to protect the Donezan area from any type of incursion.

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Unique experience:

Do not miss the night-time visits of the castle in the Summer.
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