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Peyrepertuse Castle

Peyrepertuse Castle

Perched on a 800 metre high limestone ridge, Peyrepertuse castle is one of the most remarkable fortifed castles in the South of France. It is located 45 minutes from Quillan. Not far from the outstanding Gorges of Galamus and its hermitage, the royal fortress of Peyrepertuse, whose name means “pierced stone”, overlooks the South of the Corbières area, the Fenouillèdes plain and the former Franco-Aragon border.

A fortified village is mentioned for the first time in 1050. At the beginning of the 12th century, it was under the Barcelona suzerainty. From 1162, it belonged to the Kings of Aragon. This left Peyrepertuse outside the Crusade game until Pierre II of Aragon started a conflict. In 1217, Guilhem de Peyrepertuse paid hommage to Simon de Montfort before rebelling against the Church and the King of France between 1224 and 1229. In November 1240, the castle was given to Jean de Belmont, the King of France’s chamberlain. From 1242, huge works were undertaken, which would make Peyrepertuse an indispensable asset in the defence of France against Aragon.

Still today it takes more than an hour to climb to the top of the ruins by foot. The ruins look like a small version of Carcassonne with walls, towers, an interior castle, houses…
The curtain wall follows perfectly the triangular platform which makes up the base of the fortress, 300 metres long and 50 metres wide at its widest point.

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• Don’t miss the medieval festival taking place every August in the castle.
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