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Queribus Castle

The cathar castle of QueribusQueribus Castle

Dominating the Southern Corbières area, Quéribus castle, just forty-five minutes from Quillan, was mentioned for the first time in 1020.
It was one of the major castles on the Northern frontier of the kingdom of Aragon from 1162 onwards.
It was the last bastion of Cathar resistance to fall into the hands of the Crusaders.

It can be seen from Cap Béar, around sixty kilometres away. This fort has 4 metres thick walls and an exceptionally beautiful architecture. This panoramic viewpoint allows to see the Roussillon area. The role of the castle in the Albegensian crusade is very little known. Under the leadership of Chabert de Barbaira, it was used as a refuge for the Cathar bishop of Razès, Benoit de Terme, who finally died there. After the fall of Montségur in 1244, Quéribus took in the last rebels against the new order imposed by the King of France and the Church. This situation was not tolerated by the King of France who forced Chabert de Barbaira to abandon the castle in 1255. Quéribus, became thus again a royal fortress, watching the border between the kingdoms of France and Aragon.

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