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Puilaurens Castle

the castle of PuilaurensPuilaurens Castle

High in the Pyrénées Audoises, 25 minutes from Quillan, in the heart of wild mountains, sits the fortress of Puilaurens castle, perched at 697 metres. Fortified under the orders of St Louis, the castle fell into the hands of the King of France in c. 1250. Traces of a primitive 11th-century castle are only visible at the base of the square keep, built at the highest point of the site. After the Crusade, Puilaurens was the Southern-most fortress in France and served as a royal garrison. The castle is one of the most complete defensive castles in France and gives us the best image of these towering buildings, which are as impressive from a defence point of view as they are beautiful in their architecture

 the castle of PuilaurensAt the time of the Albigensian Crusade, the castle belonged to the Saissac family, the protectors of the Cathars. Through stories related by contemporary witnesses, it is claimed that Puilaurens castle was a refuge for several "Bons Hommes" (“Good Men” as the Cathars were known). After the Crusade, Puilaurens became one of the outposts of the French Kingdom. Having undergone various modifications throughout history, this Cathar castle is a typical example of Southern French royal fortresses. In the 15th century, Puilaurens castle beat off two attacks by Spanish troops wishing to invade the kingdom. After the Treaty of the Pyrenees in 1659 it became obsolete and was no longer needed. It was left to abandon at the Revolution.

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The highlights:

· Discover the Castle of Puilaurens in an original and pleasant way with the Tourist Train of the Cathar Country and the Fenouillèdes. Ideal for families!
· If you like to walk, take the Sentier Cathare and experience the castle from another perspective!
· Since July 2012, the castle is illuminated. Discover it by night!
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