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Walking in the “Pyrénées Audoises”

Nested at the foot of the Pyrenees, the “Pyrénées Audoises” area is perfect for hiking and trekking while discovering the beauty of local villages. You will be amazed by stunning landscapes: gorges, golden vineyards, shaded fir tree plantations, magnificent forests, verdant hills...

The hiking trails of the “Pyrénées Audoises” area are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes such as the “Pic de l’Ourtiset” or the “Forêt d’En Malo”, by historical monuments such as Puilaurens Castle or Puivert Castle and by magical atmospheres as in the Green Labyrinth or in forests of giant fir trees.

You will have the choice between 70 walks on a total of more than 400mi of walking trails. To these walks must be added transversal trails such as the Cathar Trail (GR 367), the Voie Verte (Green Way), the Route Vauban, the Route des Sapins (Fir Tree Route) and the GR 7.
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From now on, you will find all the walks of the “Pyrénées Audoises” area, plans, interactive maps, elevation profiles, GPS tracks and all information related to the "Pyrénées Audoises" walks on our new website:
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The walks we recommend you :

01 – Le tour du Pic d’Ourtiset (Rodome, col Tourrugue): 6 km (3.7 mi) / 460 m +

A moutain itinerary between fir tree plantations, Summer mountain pastures and mountain pines. From the highest point (1934 m), you will have a nice view on the Pays de Sault as well as on the Pyrenees, the Corbières area and the Montagne Noire.

02 – Forêt d’En Malo (Le Caunil): 13 km (8 mi) / 630 m +

The landscape is very contrasted with, on the one hand, Mediterranean garrigue and, on the other hand, shady fir plantations. Nice views on the Corbières area and the Pyrenees.

03 – Labyrinthe vert (Nébias): 4 km (2.5 mi) / 150 m +

A natural labyrinth made of rocks and trees.

04 – Crêtes de Camurac (Camurac): 13 km (8 mi) / 610 m +

This walking route starts in the woods and, then, is surrounded by blueberry bushes and pastures.

05 – Belvédère du Diable (Belvianes et Cavirac): 8 km (5 mi) / 300 m +

Breathtaking view on the Pierre-Lys gorges.

06 – Maquis de Picaussel (Puivert – Lescale): 5,5 km (3.5 mi) / 450 m +

This wild and historical itinerary through vast fir plantations leads to the memorial house.

07 – Sentier du sapin géant (Belvis – forêt de Callong): 4,3 km (2.7 mi) / 150 m +

You will walk up to a 160-ft-high fir tree which is more than 200 years old.

08 – Le château de Puilaurens (Lapradelle): 2,5 km (1.5 mi) / 150 m +

Walking trail around the Cathar castle of Puilaurens.

09 – Pic du Midi et des Sarrasis (Roquefeuil): 11 km (7 mi) / 460 m +

From the summits surrounding the village you will be able to see the Rebenty Valley.

10 – Forêt de Miayra (Bessède de Sault ou Le Clat): 12 km (7,5 mi) / 600 m +

This hiking trail enables to cross wonderful forests and gives a fantastic view on both the Upper Aude Valley and the Pyrenees Mountain..

11 – Sentier d’interprétation (col de Campérié):  1,6 km (1 mi) / 130 m +

Learn about the forest ecosystem thanks to this informative walking trail.

12 – Les Hauts de Chalabre (Chalabre): 11 km (7 mi) / 220 m +

This walking route allows you to overlook the fortified, medieval town and to gaze at the Tabe mountain range.

13 – Sentier de Capio (Quillan): 11 km (7 mi) / 360 m +

A very Mediterranean walk between olive trees and dry-stone, low walls.

14 – Boucle de Campagna (Campagna-de-Sault): 10 km (6.2 mi) / 600 m +

The transhumance path is leading up to the mountain, Summer pastures at the foot of the Pic de Bentailloles.

15 – Sentier des troubadours (Puivert): 3 km (1.9 mi) / 90 m +

This walk connects the Quercorb museum and the castle of Puivert.

16 – Tour du Picou d’Arques (botanical path) (Galinagues – Rodome): 8 km (5 mi) / 260 m +

This botanical walk through the fields has exceptional panoramas.

17 – Les métairies (Peyrefitte du Razès) : 8,5 km (5,3 mi)

Hiking trail description available soon.

18 – Sentier du Train (Axat): 5,2 km (3.2 mi) / 200 m +

Be it through the pine forest or along the little stream, this short walk is perfect for families.

19 – Plateau de Bouichet (Rouvenac ou Fa) : 5,6 km (3,5 mi) / 450 m +

Starting from Rouvenac or Fa, you will discover the historical heritage of the area (tower, quarry, mill...).

la tour Magdala à Rennes le ChateauThe Cathar Trail

The Cathar Trail is a real time-travel walk that will enable you to visit the famous citadels of the Cathar Country: Quéribus, Peyrepertuse, Puilaurens, Puivert, Montségur, Foix… It is a 12-step trek between Port-la-Nouvelle – on the Mediterranean coast – and the city of Foix – famous for its castle. On your way you will discover the history of the area through small churches, chapels and oratories. Two steps of the Cathar Trail are within the “Pyrénées Audoises” area. From the little villages of St-Just-et-le-Bézu and St-Julia-de-Bec to Quillan, you will find Mediterranean landscapes and atmosphere. Then, from Coudons and Nébias to Puivert, fir tree plantations stand alongside mountain pasturelands.

More information on : www.lesentiercathare.com

The GR7

When crossing the Pyrenean range by foot on the GR 7 path, the landscapes are contrasting with the Montagne Noire up North. The GR 7 leads to the Catalan territory, and then to Andorra and Spain, through high summits and numerous lakes. Segments of this walking trail were used for the transportation of cannons. It is called “Chemin Vauban” from Quillan to Mont-Louis.

More information on :   www.auderando.fr

Events not to be missed

  •  - Hiking Festival of the Pyrénées Audoises area (Festival de la Randonnée en Pyrénées Audoises): every year on the third weekend of June. More information...
  • - The Pays de Sault transhumance (La transhumance du Pays de Sault): every year on the first weekend of June.  More information...
  • - The Fir Tree Tour (La Ronde des Sapins): every year at the end of August.  More information...
  • - The Plateau de Sault Potato Festival (La Fête de la Pomme de Terre du Pays de Sault): every year in September or August.  More information...

More information

The French Federation for Hiking and Trekking:  www.ffrandonnee.fr
The Local Committee for Hiking and Trekking in the Aude area: www.auderando.fr
Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Aude
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