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Whitewater Sports

Through Pierre Lys gorges and Saint Georges gorges, the 12km (7.5mi) of fast-flowing river is an ideal place for a wide range of activities such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing, riverboarding and tubing!


Rafting dans les gorges de la Pierre LysDiscover the Gorges in the Aude River!

This is a river like no other in the Pyrenees. Rapids such as the "Triple Chute", the "Flippeur" and the "Dessert" have made this stretch famous. The river is accessible for raftings every day from the beginning of May until the end of August (natural streams and waterfalls).

Canoeing and kayaking

At the end of the gorges, the Aude River is more quiet. From Quillan to Limoux, there are 25km (15.5mi) of calm water, ideal for canoeing or kayaking.

The Slalom Run

A 600m slalom run has been created for river-running enthusiasts at the heart of the town of Quillan, with an exciting wave, to practise their freestyle abilities. This spot is perfect for kayaking, playboating and canoeing!

canoe kayak Haute Vallée de l'AudeCanyoning

There are different opportunities in the Cathar Country for canyoning: in Galamus gorges and in the canyon of Termes. Both itineraries are beautiful and offer a large number of exciting jumps. A little further on, the canyon of Yek is perfect to satisfy both seasonned athletes and those looking for a thrilling experience that include abseiling under a waterfall and completing impressive jumps.

  Riverboarding on the Aude River

Riverboarding is possible using a hydrospeed foam board and flippers, allowing you to be in direct contact with the water: an exciting experience! This sport is an individual sport, just like canoeing, but the beginners will be able to be in control and experience swimming in the impressive rapids of the gorges. This is an ideal way of learning how to swim in the river, playing with currents and surfing on waves.

For more information about white-water sports in the Upper Aude Valley,
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Events not to be missed:

  • Festival Sport Nature (Outdoor Sports Festival)
Comité Départemental du Tourisme de l'Aude
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