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Places of interest

Musée des Dinosaures - Dinosaur museum

This museum is the largest museum of paleontology in the whole country and it is the most modern in Occidental Europe.
After the Gallery of Evolution – where the visitors will discover the history of life on Earth – comes the Cretaceous room.
The visitors will then enter a large 8 600 ft² room where 5 dinosaur skeletons (from 8 to 22 m long) sit imposingly. Discover the ins and outs of paleontologists’ techniques and the classification of dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Mamenchisaurus and many more reveal their secrets for the enjoyment of young and old alike.
The next room is focusing on local dinosaurs with skeletons of dinosaurs and other animals found in the Upper Aude Valley. The superstar here is called Eva. It is the first complete skeleton of a big dinosaur ever found in France! Eva is a young 40 ft long tyrannosaurus. Then comes the last room of the museum which is a reconstitution of the dinosaurs in the South of France on a 200 m² slide-show.
A permanent exhibition presents the tyrannosaurus in movies, in TV shows… This less scientific presentation will make the visitor discover the world of this famous dinosaur.


Dinosaur Museum
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The hat factory

musee chapellerieThanks to its industrious past, Esperaza now holds a museum dedicated to hat making and hat trade. This museum presents the machines used in hat manufactures. This industry was flourishing in Esperaza and even in Quillan in the 19th century. At the time Esperaza was considered the second largest hat producer in the world with no less than 14 plants and 3000 workers. This museum is the evidence of a time when the industry was the jewel of the economic activity of the Upper Aude Valley.
Hat Factory
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Quercorb Museum

musee quercorb
Located in the village of Puivert, the museum focuses on the area’s traditional crafts and on the history of troubadours. The museum presents casts of sculptures originally from the musician room in Puivert castle’s donjon. You will also discover reconstitutions of 8 medieval instruments (14th century) and the peculiarities of medieval music.


Quercorb Museum
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